My Transit is a blank canvas


1 month ago I sold my house and down sized into a rental. Last week I traded my 4 runner for a 2018 Transit Hi roof extended cargo. It’s like a blank canvas. So far the only thing I’ve done is strap down my yoga mat in the back. The planning has begun and a few parts are ordered. Full time on the road in the fall of 2020 when my son goes off to college. Namaste van lifers.


Love a blank canvas. Look forward to seeing the updates on progress of the build. :+1:


Thanks, My Maxx Air fan just came in. I’m expecting a number of boxes this week and look forward to starting.


Would love to see a before and after pic. keep us updated :blush:


When my van gets back from the body shop I’m with you. Blank shell to work on.


So awesome! Can’t wait to see the progress!


Would you be bale to create a new topic in ‘The Build’ category and document the entire conversion process?
You can do so by constantly replying to yourself anytime you make some updates. Would love to see how this progresses and even learn some new things.


I’ll do that. It’s going to be a slow process but I’m getting started and excited about the build and making it just like I want it.


Quality over quantity. Take your time! :blush: