My Sienna Camper Van Conversion

Hi. Ray here from Canada’s “Wet” coast. I recently finished (almost …) my Toyota Sienna van conversion. I chose the Sienna because of its reliability.
I fashioned it after one I saw on a video by ‘Mitchel’. It has a ‘teardrop type’ kitchen under the rear hatch. I added a raised bed to mine to accommodate a lithium battery, inverter, DC/DC MPPT charger, and a small (2K) diesel heater. The solar panels I chose are the Renogy 2 pack of 100 W panels which fit right inside the roof rack. I used 1" carriage bolts with a 1/4" shoulder which slid nicely inside the side rails after temporarily removing the rear brace. Works for me and I love it.

Greetings & Welcome!

Sounds good, keep us posted! :slight_smile:


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