Moveable lower cabinets

I am new here so asking for some patience with my question. I did a search on various keywords and cannot seem to find an answer; hence, it seems unasked/unanswered.

I am designing a ‘garage’ with loft bed in a 2021 Transit AWD 148 EL. The garage will be tall enough to house a motorcycle or atv. I intend for the front wall of the garage to actually be a lower cabinet which would also serve as support for the foot of the bed (bed is lengthwise as I am 6’1" and not able to lay sideways).
Once the motorcycle/atv is unloaded, I would like to slide the wall/cabinet back to the rear door to allow more living space while camping for a week or longer.

I have looked at 8020 15 series (1575) mounted on the floor to allow for the cabinet to slide rearward but am concerned about thermal bridging during colder months. I am curious if anyone has any tips or pointers on moveable cabinets in a van build?

Thanks for your time.

Greetings & Welcome!

It’s hard to tell by your description, but it sounds like your plan is to move that cabinet back during the day, then forward at night to sleep. If that’s the case, that will old and irritating in a big hurry. Rearranging stuff constantly is the pitts.

Forget thermal bridging. People spend way too much time and money worrying about insulation and things. The simplest truth is that a good heater will keep you comfortable even with no insulation, and the difference in fuel needed is so minimal it’s irrelevant.

Insulation for sound deadening makes sense, for temperature control it’s a joke, and more often than no will work exactly the opposite of what you’re hoping for. Proper heating, cooling, & ventilation are the ONLY factors necessary in keeping you comfortable. In the winter, you don’t want insulation keeping the sun’s heat out, and in the summer you don’t want insulation trapping the heat in.

Good luck & keep us posted!


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