More head space for the bed?


I’d really like to have my bed across the width of my van instead of lengthwise and narrowing the center of the van’s living space. I’m 5’10. In a Chevy Express or GMC Savana, this would be almost impossible.

Looking into options, I found these pictures. One is from Mexico and one is from Germany, but I don’t speak those languages to read the info on their websites. Basically, how feasible, or problematic, would these be to do/have?

Headroom%201 Headroom%202

ETA: Found a website that has these. Around $1,600!



Some of the Sportsmobiles had those I think…


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It’s a pricey little feature. It doesn’t hurt to dream while you’re looking though! I’m pretty good at keeping it realistic when it counts, so it’s more fun than anything at this point. :partying_face: And it helps itch the curiosity.



I think they could be built pretty cheap using the foamie method…


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What’s the foamie method? There’s a company called flarespace in the US that makes these and I was trying to work out how I could make it myself… My worries would be how structurally sound it would be afterwards…



Google “foamie camper” for lots of info on these.


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