Monthly Operating Costs for VanLife

Hi. Getting my van kit together. Looking for thoughts on “general operating cost” per month to budget to live full time, in the US, after everything is bought. This is the variable or operating costs, like fuel, food, budgeted maintenance, etc. Not looking for “it depends” answers. Is your experience $10? $100? 1,000? Just in general, what are peoples experiences financially doing this, on a monthly basis. Are there any blogs or online sources you know of that can help answer that question? Many thanks, Richard.


Travel & whether you’re paying to camp are the wildcards. Before Bidenomics, it was always under $6k per year, last year was $8k, and so far this year, even though I am no longer paying for my own food, it’s looking to top $10k.

I rarely pay to camp, and normally travel under 10k miles per year @ ~18mpg.


"A cheap factory camper van or motorhome beats
an expensive project every time." ~ Truth_Matters!

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Thank you, Van_Dweller. Have a great day. Love your quote…

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