Mold growing on bamboo counter

We have been living in our van a year now and have noticed in the last few weeks our counter top around the sides grows small amounts of mold. The worst area is directly in front of our window which is almost constantly open with our vent fan on
We can’t figure out why mold would grow in such a high ventilated area
We are working in a seaside resort and the place has very high humidity all the time

Anyone have information that could connect bamboo, mold and well ventilated area


If ventilation isn’t enough then you need dehumidifying tactics. My heat and my swamp cooler both dehumidify my van, and so does my ice chest and my water jugs, which both collect condensation on them, so I wipe them dry and wring out the towel outside. Air conditioning will also dehumidify, including your vehicle’s A/C.

If you added insulation, you could also have a lot of moisture trapped within your walls, complicating things.

If you have shore power, I would start by running an ozone generator for a few hours to kill off any mold spores even those hidden in walls, then follow it up by running dehumidifier regularly. I try to keep my humidity levels below 40%.


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