Minivan flooring HELP with air vents

Long time van dweller two years finally saved up enough to really build something…

I’m trying to build the flooring in my Honda Odyssey 07. I just finished taking out all of the seating and carpeting for the cargo area. When doing so I noticed the plastic venting on the floors, for the rear ac/heat… I would prefer to keep some climate control as I have dogs and want them to stay cool.

What have you guys in minivans done with this issue?? I would like to create level flooring, I intend on building a folding bed and small tub… but these vents are like a wedge sitting on the floor…

Help very much appreciated. Thanks

@elisa7joy welcome!

Can you post any photos?

Hmm not sure if these are uploading

Apparently since I’m new it’s only one pic at a time. It’s these plastic vents on the floor and the cables going into them…

@elisa7joy The picture is there…

Can you upload another one showing the overall layout which includes these vent(s)? (from the back door(s), looking into the van perhaps)
This will give an idea of where they are in the van so myself as well as others can give input on this one.

From what I can see, it appears that it might be a little challenging to remove these altogether so one option would be to take some time to design a “box” of sorts around these vents, perhaps a seat or some other kind of storage box or some kind of step…

My advice would be…take some time over it and don’t rush!

I hope this helps.

I will try taking some pictures tomorrow when it’s light out.
I am definitely taking my time with it, but sleeping on cushions on the unfinished floor is a bummer.
I tried asking in the Honda Odyssey forum board I’m in and all of their info isn’t really geared toward customizing anything.
I also tried posting in other van forums, but have gotten even fewer responses. So thank you for at least giving it a thought!

Here is a fullfull view

This is where the plastic vents connect. So it would be easy to simply take out the plastic but I don’t know how to build to re direct the air or what any of the cables are

You’re very welcome!

I am going to suggest here that you consider a design which involves a slightly lifted false floor because I think you might just open yourself a can of worms if you try removing these vents…plus they are a part of the original design!

Use the maximum height of the vents as your baseline and build the floor frame to the same height where under floor framing is required.

I see also that there is what looks like a spare tyre well in the foreground of the second photo…it probably goes without saying, but make sure your floor can be lifted so the tyre can be taken out (or whatever you decide to store in there if it’s not the spare tyre)

This is a blank canvas…take your time, but get creative with it!

I hope this helps.

Late late reply… Had to do some mechanical repairs, delayed in building…

Thanks for the headsup on the tire… This one actually screws into the wall!!

I get what you’re saying about the vents on the floor being how the van was designed, BUT it isn’t a part of the design that’s a matter of endurance or functions… Some different trims of the same van have the vents going in different locations… Later years of the van eliminated the overhead and floor vents and only have vents blowing from the sides… Im not sure if the current version is that way it’s just something I found out trying to ask other Odyssey owners how they altered their interiors😊


I would suggest putting it back to original, and working with the space available. Gutting an original interior is never a good idea. That’s promoter BS to get you to spend more money while severely devaluing your van.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller

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If the only reason you’re suggesting that is due to the value of the vehicle… I should explain. I have zero interest in maintaining any resale value.

It’s 15 years old, and I’m hoping to own it until it falls apart. My last home/minivan was stolen and totaled, I bought this with insurance money.

Creating a space that feels like my home after being homeless for two years now is more important to me.

Plus those oem interior parts sell on eBay. My tiny income can always use the help! :person_shrugging::+1::yum:


It’s MUCH more than just resale value. The whole idea that you can somehow improve on what the factory did, is just baloney. Originally, all aspects of the vehicle and it’'s overall health & longevity are taken into account. Things you have no idea why they were done, but they did & do have a purpose. From protecting it from rusting out starting from the inside, to protecting the wiring. They spent millions of dollars designing what was best for your vehicle, in all aspects of it’s life, including crashes, and you’re not going to improve on it. You might THINK you can, you might be TOLD you can, but it’s all BS.

Keeping it original doesn’t in any way prevent you from decorating it however you wish, and many of those factory features such a cup holders & stash places, can considerably improve your experience. It can also considerably improve an insurance pay out, and possibly prevent insurance deniability for payout.

I can’t even count the number of people who have said they regretted gutting their vans, yet the promoters push it so you’ll spend more money. They’re working in their best interest, not yours.

Okay, so let’s talk about income since you brought it up… Start a new topic on it, and maybe we can help you and anybody else who reads it. I’ve been volunteering helping the homeless, poor, and underemployed for many years, and been intricately involved in getting them living wage jobs or creating income for those unable to work. I’ve personally helped thousands of people get housing and incomes over the years.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller