Minivan Camper Insurance

I have a toyota sienna with a RoadLoft kit. I have sleeping, cooking and a portable toilet. I live in it full time.
It is registered at the DMV as a motor vehicle. Progressive can not insure it.

Any full time minivan dwellers out there with experience insuring it?

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It is not uncommon for insurance companies to not insure non-RVIA certified RV’s. I have heard that either State Farm, or Farmer’s might.

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Thanks. I will check with them.

Since RoadLoft appears to be a removable, and costs a fair bit less than the van itself, maybe you should just insure it as an ordinary Sienna, and handle any damage that occurs to the kit yourself.

Insuring more than you have to is usually a bad deal - because that is how insurance works. It’s why I use high deductibles to cut costs. And anything the insurance does pay for - insurance companies will take back from you in raised rates many times over.

I understand what you are saying but everything i own is in my van. So not only the RoadLoft but clothing, gear, etc. If my vehicle gets totaled i have nothing.


My real insurance is an emergency fund large enough to replace everything and live on for at least 6 months.

I never rely on the extortion errrr… insurance I am forced to pay for.


"Count your blesssings, for they are many." ~ Unknown

If you are not full time Romaly is a great option; however they stopped covering full timers…

I believe Hartford does and if you happen to be an AARP member, its very discounted. That’s who I insured my Travado with and it was 50% of what Progressive quoted.

This is what my state farm agent told me: they insure my minivan (now) or full size van (future) as a regular vehicle, and the cost of all contents as personal belongings in the vehicle. They said if I do a no-build build (current minivan) or a build (future van), to save all receipts of material/gear/belongings. They even said I can give them copies and they will keep them on file to help with a claim. They estimate your other things like clothes/etc without receipt, similar to how your personal possessions are covered if your regular vehicle is in an accident. If I get things professionally installed, save receipts. If I install myself, my time is not covered.

Do you just have regular auto insurance or motorhome?