Minimal electrical system for weekender

Hello friends. I’m working on my first build. My rig won’t be a full time home but it’s great practice for when I do buy one to turn into that very thing. So for now, I won’t need a huge electrical system. No heat/AC in this rig for now. I’m contemplating using a Li-Bim charging system using my van’s alternator. I’ll be running 4 led lights, charging two cell phones, charging a laptop and running two max air fans on weekend getaways. What size battery bank would you recommend for this setup? Is one battery enough?

You are the only one that can answer the question. You can use simple arithmetic to calculate a power budget.

See my solar install tutorial with instructions on how to do it (no need for solar in your case unless you think you’ll need additional charging while parked):

Nice! Thanks you very much for the response. Seems pretty easy to calculate the Amps/Watts and go from there.