Michigan says hello

So just want to interduce myself. I’m about to turn 52 and have the oppertuintey to try van life. The plan is to keep working my job and retire in about 10 years.
The plan is to live in the van until retirement then see what I feel like doing. Super excited to start this adventure hopefully in the next month I’ll be picking out the van.
Looking into a ram promaster.

Greetings & Welcome!

Michigan is a rough place to winter in a van, and many people learn too late that this lifestyle simply isn’t for them.

Have you done much tent camping? This lifestyle is very similar except it’s a metal tent on wheels. You have to supply your own water, power, heating, cooling, cooking etc. To be comfortable long term, you’ll need a toilet which needs to be emptied regularly and a shower too.

It’s not nearly as simple, easy, or glamorous as some people want you to believe.

I don’t like losing money on vehicles, so I only buy older, fully depreciated ones. I only build one if there are no cheap RV’s available when I need one. Van, bus, or RV, I go as cheap as possible to get something that will be reliable. If necessary, have a mechanic check it out before you purchase it.

Buying newer, and building your own is almost always a money losing situation. Losing money is the opposite of saving money. The newer the vehicle, the more you’ll lose to depreciation. An under $5,000 total investment is much more likely to retain it’s value, and can be just as comfortable and reliable as anything costing more.

Later if you decide you love this lifestyle, you can always upgrade, and as an added bonus you’ll have a much better idea of what you truly want and need. Many people seem to go through several different rigs, or several different rebuilds before they’re happy or they just quit. Often losing large sums of money in the process.

Keep us posted, and glad you’re here!


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