Mi nueva vidA. MY NEW LIFE


Hi everyone, My name es Giuliano, im 28 years old, im from Rosario Argentina.

Excited to start my new life in the vanlife project and I must choose a bus. I need to buy it somewhere in the world away from Latin America because my idea is to start from Europe for example.
What do you recommend I do?

Sorry my english is horrible.

Bye and good vibes.


Greetings & Welcome!

I would start by familiarizing yourself with any laws in the countries you wish to explore, followed by figuring out what is the most popular in those countries.



Thanks for your reply.
¿And as a second step I would recommend?


This is going to require lots of research on your end. So feel free to always hop on this forum to ask us questions!
And also look at other websites like skoolie.net

After you figure out what country is right for starting, you just need to work out how much you plan on spending on the bus and conversion. Then, you can start looking for buses that match that description.

Remember this whole process will take you a while, since its your first time. And that is okay !


Hi I’m from Germany and bought/ converted a van here. In Europe we do have a wide range of Van’s. First of all you should ask yourself what kind of vehicle you want/need. For example there is the nice looking but very small vw t4/t3/t2/t1. Very easy to repair by yourself if something is broken but also old, expensive high fuel consumption etc. You will find the vw t5/t6 a lot of new features and a lot of electronics which are not easy to repair by yourself. I bought a Fiat ducato which is a lot bigger and cheaper then vw. You will find also Van’s by Renault, Peugeot, Nissan Mercedes and so on. They all have pros and cons. Also it is not a good idea to convert the van here In Germany as the rules from our “TÜV” (the German road and vehicle safety company) are very strict.
Good luck and feel free to ask any questions :+1::grin:


Thanks for the advice and patience to answer me.
I would like to be able to collaborate with the blog in the future. Maybe when I’m already on my trip. Thank you


Hi travel_more
I’m going to investigate what vehicle is right for me.
Thank you for your collaboration. Thanks for your incredible power of detail.


I’m looking for a big bus. I do not know about repairs. I would like it to be ready, so I will see what is the best option depending on the country where the car is. regards