Metal Flooring and Rust Risk

My new-to-me 2014 Sprinter comes with a metal floor that is in very good shape and showing no signs of rust. What concerns me is what might be under it that I can’t see…I checked for rust underneath
before purchasing, but (of course) couldn’t pull up the metal floor.

PHOTO-2022-02-24-11-07-57 (12)

I could lay under this van all day and probably get a nice nap out of it…but how much of the flooring and what’s underneath it will I actually be able to see…?

As far as underneath the van, if I should see rust anywhere - should I grind it out and paint it with rustoleum?

Thanks in advance all!


I wouldn’t worry a lot about it, and sure as heck wouldn’t remove it.

I would probably do wall to wall carpeting over it with padding. Or at least put throw rugs over where you’ll be walking. Beats the heck out of cold floors. Full carpet & padding would be great insulation as well.

You could check from underneath for rust, but as long as it’s structurally sound, I think you’re good to go.


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Hi VanDweller -

Well, I have allergies AND pets - so carpeting isn’t going to work. I don’t want to have to wash rugs and carry around dirty rugs while on the road.

I DID see a nice video where a woman was talking about what a bad idea the vinyl click-flooring (esp) is in a van - and it made good sense. That sort of flooring isn’t really meant to take big temp changes, but even more - the continual movement causes it to form gaps and come apart.

What do you think about a sturdy linoleum sheet? I have linoleum in one of my houses that must be 40 years old and it’s still chugging along. Linoleum is a heck of a lot more durable and because it’s contiguous wouldn’t allow water, spills, pet tracks, etc into the (metal) under-flooring…

There is also a poured linoleum (“liquid linoleum”) product that looks interesting…and I bet there are others that could work as well…




Sheet linoleum should work… I usually put cove trim in the corners, and wrap it up several inches on the sides. That way the corners are rounded to make cleaning easier. I do that for countertops too.


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