Meal and a hot shower in Halifax, NS, Canada


Hey Vanlifers,

I’m a Vanlife enthusiast currently living the apartment life near Halifax, NS. If you find yourself this way, get in touch - come share a meal and your experiences with me, and I’ll share a meal and my apartment with you! Hot shower guaranteed :smiley:


Awesome. It would be great to cruise around and stop in at other members places and have catch ups. A hot shower is a very underestimated thing.



it’s something we would’ve otherwise taken for granted if we were living a ‘normal’ lifestyle


That’s very kind of you thank you so much!!


Hey Allison - I’m currently in Halifax for a couple of weeks. Don’t have wheels yet but am tempted to get a van while I’m here if something falls through, while trying not to rush things either.

Let me know if you’d like to chat / get together. Also, if you’re up for it, I would totally appreciate having a Haligonian around if I do decide to check out vans, feels more confident not being by myself for the big sell!