Marc and Dumbo on the Road

Hey there,

my name is Marc (22yo) from germany. Im on the Road with Dumbo, a 2011 Fiat Ducato selfmade Van which I build in kind of a hurry from february to april this year. We started our Advanture on April 27th in Germany and going up north to the Northern Cape at first. Im a trained Carpenter so I try to do some kind of Work and Travel to keep the finances together, right now I`m in Northern Sweden and would be glad to maybe meet some people around here who life the same Lifestyle. So if anybody is on there way to the Cape too or just want to meet somewhere else we probably can get along somehow. Pictures of our Journey can be seen of Instagram (@dumbo.on.the.road) Have a save trip you all!

Greetings& Welcome!

I’m in the USA, but used to make good money as a traveling construction worker.

Hope you find some people in your area.


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