Making it happen!

Hi. My name is David and I just signed up with the VanLife Academy. I have travelled the country a bunch of times for a few weeks or a few months in a pickup truck I converted. I no longer have that vehicle. I am trying something new. I want to get a van, outfit it and do some serious (but fun!) traveling. I am in the just getting started phase. I will find a van, buy it and do as much as I can myself, as I am only moderately handy. I am 65 years old, love to be outdoors, camp when I can and I am truly happiest when I am “out there”.
So it begins!

welcome to the forum!

Greetings & Welcome!

Check out the used RV prices in your area. It will often yield the best bang for the buck, and be move in ready.

Today, I’ll only do a DIY if I can’t find a cheap motorhome. While I can buy an old van and convert it dirt cheap, I can still usually find a very nice older motorhome for cheaper, save all the work, and be more comfortable in the end.


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