Making a mattress foldable

Howdy all,
We have a queen bed frame that pushes in to become a couch. We need the queen memory foam mattress to fold when it’s a couch but the mattress is refusing. Any suggestions?

You’ll likely have to slice it at the fold point(s). Lots of you tube videos online on how to do it. Most use an electric carving knife. Futon mattresses fold more easily due to their design and materials, but aren’t as supportive nor as comfortable as foam. Sectioned mattresses that double as cushions have the seams and Tetris puzzle issue. Try to keep the sliced points away from the pressure points when used as a bed (shoulders and hips). Everything in a van tends to be a compromise due to the small footprint requiring things like beds to do double-duty as seating.


My futon foam back & seat cushions are not actually connected. Tabs on the frame keep them pressed together in the center when in bed mode.

I think if I wanted them connected, I would create some sort of velcro hinge.


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