Make money on the road with UGC, more info!

Hey everyone! Maddy here, Van Life Summit event manager :slight_smile:

We hope you enjoyed the event!! What were your favorite presentations?

I gave a talk on how to make money on the road, and specifically dove into UGC (user-generated-content). I’m so passionate about this topic and it seemed like everyone found it really valuable :slight_smile:

Reminder that I’m offering 50% off my UGC course through tomorrow, Friday. Use the code ‘SUMMIT’ at checkout!

I also have a FREE Guide you can check out, and I’m doing another free webinar next week if you want to tune in.

I also share TONS of free info about UGC on my Instagram, so check that out @MaddyOutdoors.Coach :slight_smile:

Questions?! Let me know below and I hope you enjoyed the summit! Remember you can watch the replays through the end of the day, or upgrade to the All Access Pass to have continual access to all the presentations.

See y’all on the road!
Here’s my personal Instagram if you want to follow along on my adventures @whoa_maddy_actually_

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