LPG floor drop out vent - Only for the bottle or all appliances?


I have not really managed to understand the “best practice” when it comes to LPG safety and the floor drop-out vents. It is obvious for me that I need it in the bottle compartment, but are the current requirements / best practice that it is needed where I have all appliances also? That could if so create some challenges, such as the gas stove that is located on the top of the kitchen counter. I have read different opinion about this.

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Officially you only need a vent in the bottom of the propane locker, but make sure you add a screen to it to keep bugs & rodents out.

Unofficially, many people don’t do it, or even make a dedicated proper propane locker.

I would make sure you had a propane leak detector regardless.


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Hi, thanks for your advice, it was as I suspected then. And I will for sure have a detector for extra safety.

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Hi there,
First of all I applaud your attention to this often dismissed subject. Van dweller is right on point with their recommendations. I built a bottom vented box for my 40lb cylinder and it gives me incredible peace of mind. IMHO it is more a danger from joint leakage than a cylinder failure so I do three things as part of regular maintenance: keep a small spray bottle (3oz) of soapy water to test all my joints, a gas and CO detector installed properly( backup battery?), and lastly, if I am using my cooktop I crack a window and sometimes my rooftop vent to move exhaust gases out of the space.
I am more than willing to share my particular cylinder box design with you if you desire.

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