Low battery signal after installing Keyline Isolator

Hello van people, is there anyone out there who can help with a problem I’m having? Basically I’ve just installed a smart battery isolator from Keyline, and I’ve started getting the low battery signal on my car’s dashboard. The device is hooked up properly as far as I can tell. I’ve talked to a technician on their end who thought my ground was bad; I’ve since redone that. I have a 2019 Mercedes Metris, so it’s definitely not an old battery.
Has anyone had this issue or know anything about this kind of thing? It’s a difficult issue to find answers to evidently.

Greetings & Welcome!

There’s a few distinct possibilities that come to mind.

A) Your house battery is too low for your alternator to adequately charge it.

B) Your alternator is undersized for the task.

C) Your house battery type can also play a significant role in this, lithium batteries want a very high amp charge rate, much more than either lead acid or AGM type batteries.

D) Some isolators are single direction only, and they sometimes get hooked up backwards.

I would try fully charging your house battery with a home style battery charger. Pay attention to how long it takes to charge it, and how many amps it is taking. This will give you an indication of how low the battery is to start with. They should never be discharged below 50% and that includes lithium. Keeping your total discharge below 10-20% before recharging is best.

Some auto parts stores can test your house battery as well.

Keep us posted.


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