Losing a Van (Saying Goodbye)

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Hi everyone,

Last Friday my van, Morrison, brokedown and has been written off. I’m about to go and collect a my belongings and strip out the back conversion of him but then that’s it. I can hardly get any money for it and I need a new van but honestly I’m heartbroken. That van has seen so much of me and I feel like we’ve discovered so much together - I’m also lost as to how I can get a van I can stand up in that is newer and more reliable with a budget of £13,000.

Any help appreciated,
Emma x

Looks like you’re using Euros so your outside of the US, right? So sorry to hear about your situation. I think it’s one of the major fears of most new nomads. :disappointed_relieved: It’s good that you’re able to even go and strip it out.


With a budget that large, it would seem you could restore the whole drivetrain, suspension, steering, etc. and make it like new again.

It is often much cheaper to repair than to replace, and once given new life you may fall in love with it even deeper. Newer vehicles don’t have the charm, reliability, or longevity of their older counterparts.


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She didn’t say what was wrong with it - may be rusted to the point where it will no longer pass inspection. Laws are different in the EU, which may make it impossible to get it registered again due to a combination of age and condition.

Good luck with your search for a “new” van.