Looking to raise van roof for pay/trade

Hi all. Just bought a 95 Ram Van 2500. I’m looking to for someone to help raise the roof or ad a pop top. I am a traveling filmmaker so I need to do this so I to operate out of and make it a traveling office. I’m looking for a van builder! Also curious if this person is so willing to do a trade or a discount for a video of documenting the project. I’d be willing to make more documentary videos for any type of van project. Thanks!

IG: @toucanfilms


My friends uncle helped us build our van, he’s pretty good at this type of stuff. We could get you in contact with him.

Where are you located?


While my current van is a hightop, I have lived in many low top vans as well. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Huge disadvantages of a hightop are not being able to park in parking garages, and height restrictions for parking on many streets, and most fast food drive thru’s are too low. Automatic car washes are out too!

99.9% of everything I do inside my van, I am either sitting down or laying down. Even in my hightop van, I find myself showering while seated… A comfy desk chair on wheels allows me to roll wherever I want while seated. I even cook while seated even though I have a hightop. Remaining seated while doing everything inside, just seems to be the most comfortable for me. My next van will likely be a low top.

If you really want a hightop or a poptop, I have seen many of both types in wrecking yards. No need to build a custom one from scratch.