Looking to network with other lifers


Introduce Yourself…

I don’t know why I’m so scarred but I am. I want to do this life but every pore of my body wants to stay the easy route. Even though that’s what is killing me. So I’m reaching out to the community. Hope to hear from people. Maybe even meet them on my journeys.

Also because I know people like me want to know. I’m thinking motor home. I’m going to travel North American wide. It’s me and my girlfriend, my cat Glenn-Coco and maybe another partner in the future depending on how things go.

So I’ll take anything from the community today you give. Advice, comments and just friendly hellos are all welcome.


Hi :slight_smile: It’s funny because for me it is to be on the road that is the easiest way. Your travel project is great and I think a van would be the perfect solution ! You need to determine your budget and your needs so that the users of the forum can orient you in a choice of vehicle.
Are you a handyman ? Are you able to build the interior of your van ? Do you know how to repair an engine ? Because on a very long roadtrip there will surely maintenance to perform and maybe some breakdowns :neutral_face::crossed_fingers:
Have a nice day !



Honestly I don’t know my budget yet. I like to plan so when I thought of this I dived in to learn as much as I can. In theory I can build and fix but I’d love some tutorials or otherwise that people can share. I am a little overwhelmed but I’m starting to be able to piece together what I need to do.


Greetings & Welcome!

Let me say first off, and as loudly as possible:


If you’re living on city streets, then yes, a van is easier to find parking spots for, but for anything else, especially more than one person, a motorhome will be much more comfortable for most people, and cheaper too. Decent motorhomes can be bought for under $5k, in fact sometimes under $2k. Sure, they’re older, but they’re also in remarkably good shape. Often lightly used and with low miles.

In other words, it is entirely possible to buy a nice ready to move into motorhome for cheaper than you can buy an empty van. It might not get quite as good gas mileage as a van, but the money you’ll save on purchase and conversion price will buy years worth of gas, and cheap, older motorhomes really don’t depreciate that much either, and the added comfort is certainly worth the small compromise in fuel savings. I bought one for $1500, put 20k trouble free miles on it, and sold it for $5,000. (And I wasn’t even trying to sell it!!! I was in a campground, talking to another camper about traveling, and he wound up asking me about prices… I told him he could probably get into something older like mine for under $5k, and he asked if I would take $5k for mine… SOLD… It was a 1976 20 foot Class C that would fit in a regular parking spot.)

“Van Dwelling” is a catch-all term for living and/or traveling in a vehicle, it is not van or vehicle specific.


"Those who believe money can't buy hapiness, don't have either." ~ An Anonymous Vandweller


I wasn’t so much about me thinking a motor home is less and more about just introducing my plan because I know I’d want to know someones rig. It’s more the common interest thing. Thanks for the response though I really did enjoy reading it. Good to know I’m not wrong on getting a cheaper motor home.


I completely agree with that :wink:
I thought motor home was the same as house on wheels or a van … (I’m french)
It’s why I used the french generic term “van” in my answer :sweat_smile:


I assume by “easy route” you mean following along with society and living in a house with a foundation (and having a job to pay for that foundation). In many ways it is indeed easier, especially when trying to explain to friends, family and coworkers why you’re leaving and that you have no plan for the future. :slight_smile:

Try not to think of this as a lifelong decision.
Simply look at is as an extended vacation or holiday or experiment and see where it takes you. The real beauty is, you can always go back. In fact, while I couldn’t see it before we left- going back is actually the easy part!

For us (well before vanlife had a hashtag and back when it was actually frowned upon as the image of a loser… thank you SNL and Chris Farley), this was never intended to be a long term plan, it was merely a way to escape for a while and get in some travel and a taste of freedom.
But once we spent a few years away and off the grid we realized he had become “broken” and would never return to the cycle and/or the jobs we had worked so hard to run away from. Only then did it become a longer term way of life and did we start working hard to ensure it could stay that way long term.

Buy a van or a motorhome, rent a vehicle, or pitch a tent… it doesn’t matter, but if you look at the lifestyle it takes to live in a small metal box (never knowing where you’ll sleep, where you’ll pee or when your next shower is coming or how you’ll afford the next month) with your partner and your cat and it somehow still sounds fun… than chances are you should probably try it on for size. =)