Looking forward to getting to know you

Introducing Myself…

A new member! But not entirely a newbie vanlife being. Artist, designer, writer and intuitive working on several projects at the moment.

Last year bought a Renault Master MKII - ex nhs minibus that was filled with all sorts of gubbins and gismos. Took me AGGESSSS to strip it out.

Originally I bought a minibus thinking that I could take out a few seats and bits, throw in a bed and some camping gear and hit the road. The idea being that I would get to know what I wanted to do with the design, layout etc as I went.

Then I discovered that the rooflights leaked - like proverbial sieves so ended up stripping it back to the metal. I also had a problem with the ambulance electrical system draining the batteries every couple of days if I didn’t drive it. Four bin bags of wiring later and the battery only goes flat if I don’t drive it for several weeks - which doesn’t exactly happen.

I’ve got as far as doing sound deadening and first layer of insulation. Now in the process of designing electrics - learning about how to do it as I go. Just about to order solar panels etc. I am sure to need lots of help along the way.

I have a garage FULL to the brim with stuff that I will either fit into the bus or sell on or use for converting a container into a tiny home.

The goal with the bus though is to create a mobile art studio, writers retreat and camper in which I plan to explore as much of the UK as I can.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to connecting, chatting and getting to know you.


Welcome to the Project Van Life Forum!

Kudos on your Renault Master MKII journey! From the leaky rooflights to the electrical challenges, it sounds like you’ve been on quite the adventure. Your vision of a mobile art studio and writer’s retreat exploring the UK is truly inspiring.

If you need advice on electrics, solar panels, or just van life chats, you’re in the right place. And don’t hesitate to share photos of your progress. We’re all eager to see and learn from each other’s journeys.

Cheers to new adventures! Looking forward to connecting. :minibus::art::writing_hand: Safe travels!

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Good luck and keep on following your dreams.

Hi @georgina

UK based, self converted, full timer here! :wave:t3:

Any UK specific assistance or advice needed?..feel free to DM me!

All the best!