Looking for Vanlife Pages/Magazines/Blogs

Hi all! Hope you are well and loving life on the road.
My Bus build doubles up as my music studio, and I’m looking to find some blogs, magazines, YouTube channels… anywhere that publishes interviews and tours of buses so we can get some exposure. We’ve had Dylan Magaster come film the bus, and have some magazines publishing stories so far. I’m always on the lookout to see who would fancy it. If anybody has any recommendations that would be grand! And anybody that fancies a look to help trigger some ideas, can check us out at @madeontheroaduk

Thanks in advance folks



Popularity usually requires a lot of patience and hard work. Rather than hoping others might make you popular, I would start your own YT channel, instagram, etc. and then study up an implement driving traffic to your sites yourself.

For your music, partner with Amazon or the like and give away a free album, then have more available for sale. If you’re good enough, you could make some big bucks. Do some YouTubes of your music to gain followers. Try submitting your music to online radio stations. Churches can be great places to launch music careers. Even busking on busy street corners across the nation, with proper promotion, could bring your great popularity. Getting free advertising on the evening news for volunteering at festivals or events etc. It all entails a LOT of work to succeed, don’t expect it to magically appear without it.


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Send me a PM to a link to the video Dylan took for you guys, and we will post it for you on the Project.Vanlife IGTV channel, and give you credit of course :blush:

But I totally agree with @Van_Dweller. Shoutouts and features can help spike up growth here and there, but since they are not consistent. I’m not saying they are a bad thing, just that it should not be your main strategy. Instead, you should be thinking more long term

Thanks for joining us on the forum!

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