Looking for suggestions ( super small project)

I have a small van build question on my wheelchair van. Due to the wheelchair ramp conversion the middle console is removed. This is not a van I’m living out of, but I use it for caring for a disabled individual out of my house.

This leaves me with no middle storage or cup holders and i also would really like a platform or console or something to put between the driver’s and passenger seats for my tiny dog to be able to stand on or allow him to cross from the drivers to passenger seat as he wishes. Any ideas?

I’ve seen van life custom builds where people build something custom out of wood but i don’t know if I can bolt this to the floor without risking it going through something underneath? I also don’t know the first thing about woodworking or carpentry whatsoever.

I’ll attach a few pictures.


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Places like walmart have a huge selection of storage containers in every size imaginable. I’d measure the length, width, & height you want, then see what comes close. I found a set of shallow craft drawers at walmart, and stacked 2 on top of each other for a perfect solution for me.


"Tough people thrive in tough times." ~ Local Yocal

Thanks! And they dont tip or tilt?


They shouldn’t, they sit flat on the floor and are surrounded on 3 sides…


"Tough people thrive in tough times." ~ Local Yocal