Looking for rental before I buy

My name is Donovan and I’ve been heavily researching migrating to vanlife. It seems to perfectly match my minimalist ideology and my remote business. The more I read the more I like. You can find me all over the web to ensure I’m a good choice - Donovan Miske.

However, I would like to try it before I buy. Most of the van rental services I’ve been able to find are either in Colorado or California and do not represent exactly what I’m looking for. The ideal situation would be to rent someone’s active van while they have some situation that makes it so that they do not need the van for a week.

My location is Michigan that I’m willing to travel to try this all out. please message me on here or send me an email if you are able to oblige my request or are simply curious. I would deeply appreciate any help I can receive on this matter. This really seems like the right choice for me.

Greetings & Welcome!

Here’s a resource for camper van rentals in the USA.


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