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**Introduce Yourself…**Hello, thanks for allowing me to be part of this group. The one BIG concern with taking the leap of faith into your world is money, finding steady income, a feeling of doubt, etc… I’m an Analyst in a Corporate 9-5; however, I’d like to shift my mindset to “what if i didnt have a consistent paycheck?”, then focus on finding work as if I were on the road, all while I’m still working the 9-5. I think this will help with the transition and make it easier when I do make the leap into your world. What are some recommendations you all have on ways to make money on the road?


Hi, I like your mind set. A steady transition into a different way of living sounds like a good approach. Especially training your mind before really getting into it.
The first question that comes to mind is - do you want to continue being an analyst? because it sounds like a skill set that could be transferred to an online life.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Good plan! The money angle is one of the biggest points of failure for newbies.

Online income is a great resource that wasn’t around when I got started. Good products or good services sell well online, but beware that there are a lot of scams out there as well. After working for 30 years as a traveling construction worker, today I sell computer software services both online, remotely, and sometimes in person. Opportunities are out there, or you can create your own.

Some people also work through temp agencies, or do day labor. Some regular jobs can also be done remotely, perhaps your job? Some people own absentee owner type businesses. Some people live on retirement, trust funds, savings, or investments. While there are many options, the never ending need of money isn’t one of them. Working less and playing more is closer to fiction than it is to reality.

The old saying “haste makes waste” is especially true for this lifestyle. Proper planning and preparation can go a long way towards making it a successful adventure.


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Hey Chris,
Thanks for the reply. To be completely honest, no, being an Analyst at a big corporation is not what i want to do for the next 20 years. But, it pays the bills and allows my family to live comfortably. My goal right now is to continue working as an Analyst but find a secondary income that i truly enjoy. The problem I’m having is finding what that is. A few things that makes it hard to find - it has be something i can do at night from my home; it has be something with minimal upfront cost; and it has to be something i enjoy that provides value, purpose, sustainability. I’ve read about people having success in social media, digital marketing, and the like. But, i dont know where to start. What do you do for income?