Looking for future members of mobile community (Ideally close to age 20 but not required)

 My name is Justin, I am currently a 20 year old student at Kennesaw State University

I am planning to create a tightly knit community of remote workers and vehicle inhabitants
(any kind of vehicle, not just vans) in the future that would support each other while living in remote environments and staying mobile (if preferred) as a group that is still connected to the rest of the world through internet and travel.

Members of this would be mostly living in where the community chooses to set up, and cheaply living together in a clean, friendly, fun, and professional environment that doesn’t get lonely. (getting lonely seems to be the biggest possible downside to living in a remote environment and working remotely, which is why I think there needs to be a tightly knit community for people wanting to completely immerse themself in a community lifestyle as much as possible and be around people they enjoy spending time with and living near)

The purpose of this post is to reach out to people interested in this kind of living and meeting those people to find out if they would be good candidates for the future. This kind of lifestyle is the only way of living I currently see myself enjoying in the future, so I want to get started early and start meeting people with similar interests.

As a community, we could take trips to

  • hike the Appalachian trail,
  • travel together to van-life events,
  • go on road trips, host events,
  • meet other communities,
  • enjoy the environment we set up in,
  • assign jobs to people in the community
  • etc. you get the idea.

If you are at all interested in anything like this, please contact me so we can talk about it, generate more ideas, and get to know each other, I want to know anyone that has similar interests.