Looking for an Ambulance to buy and any tips on ambulances?

I am looking for any ambulances for sale

Also does anyone have any information about ambulances or different engines or parts or anything that could be useful especially about these bigger ambulances?

I have been saving up for a long time and my budget at the moment is under 13k,

Looking for diesel ambulances pre-DEF that are the larger model ambulances like International, Horton, Freightliner, etc.

These pictures are some examples of what kind of stuff I am looking for, if anyone has any leads on any deals or ambulances around the US. it seems like these ambulance resellers are snatching up all the decent ones before anyone has a chance to buy it for themselves, so I am looking for any other leads on decent ambulances being sold that I can afford and dont have inflated reseller prices. Thanks




This link takes you to the Machinio website where it also lists 79 ambulances for sale in the U.S.

Good luckā€¦!