Looking for a van for 3 people

Hi. 3 of us from Australia are heading to the states in Dec for 6months of vanlife. We are trying find a van for a low budget and for us all to fit. We want something comfortable and warm while we are sbowboarding. Wondering what’s the best state to buy in with the least amount of sales tax and also what websites should we check out to buy? Any info is amazing info :slight_smile:

Also if anyone has anything for sale, point it in our direction.



For 3 people I would suggest a really cheap older Class C RV. A van would be too cramped. I see NICE older ones for under $2500 USD all the time.

Oregon has no sales tax, and away from the coast, the vehicles are pretty rust free. Many great places to ski in Oregon as well.



Hi there! I would also recommend an rv. I actually have one for sale, it came from Denver, which is a no-salt state meaning she has zero rust underneath. The RV is in great shape and can easily sleep 3 (or more if you get cozy), propane fridge, stove, bathroom and shower (indoor and outdoor). It runs like a champ!!! It’s a 1994 Shasta and I’ll give her away at a very reasonable price as I am looking to downsize to a one-person van. Hope you are interested!!!


Hi Stevie. I am from Brazil and I really liked your RV. Can you send me more details by instagram? We want to go there in early 19. DM @wellwilliam


Not sure if my reply made it to you. I am definitely interested in your van and would love to know more about it. Could you please send through the Vin number and also some more photos of the inside. We are arriving in San Francisco on Dec 12. If you still have it for sale then we would love to come check it out :slight_smile:

Hi there!! That’s great. I’m actually on the east coast right now, but definitely planning a trip west so if you’re really interested I can drive it out here.

In the mean time I can send you videos and images!!

Do you have WhatsApp?