Looking for a Mechanic for 1981 Mercedes 407

Hey guys,

we are currently still in the States but so far there were not a a lot of mechanics who wants to deal with old diesels so we thought mexico would be better: we are looking for a reliable place/person to check our van. We dont have any major issues, just want to make sure that it stays that way!

any tips / recommendations are welcome!

jana & fabi


Where in Mexico are you guys?

Not many diesels in Mexico… and the Diesel on the mainland is sh*t (not Baja)!!

If you have a VW there’s a very famous mechanic in La Paz (Baja Sur) called “Geraldo’s VW” and they do diesels

Otherwise check on iOverlander. We went to a mechanic in Ensenada and they know they’re on the app. They’re honest as they know it brings them other people !

Definitely cheaper South of the border.


not there yet, heading down there in a week or so and will travel all over!

Hey Sam, thanks for your honest feedback! I actually follow you on instagram, love it!! :slight_smile:
We dont have a VW, its a mercedes but maybe we’ll check the one in ensenada, definitely sounds good!


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Are there any specific places on your bucket list?

Sorry didnt see that message! No not really to be honest, drive down Baja and then see where the wind takes us :slight_smile:

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Just follow the horizon :blush::earth_americas: