Looking for a good ambulance or other high quality/reliable vehicle with the most room possible

(EDIT: the owner finally told me after a couple weeks of me planning to buy that it isnt actually a 7.3 engine and is a 6.0 ford, so the deal is off, some of the questions in the post still apply but i am no longer going to buy this.)

I have been in contact with a seller that has a 2007 Ford/Horton Ambulance and I am not sure if it is going to have the space I need for my conversion, I have to go across the country to get it so im trying to find out if it might work, does anyone know about what kind of space a type 1 ambulance gets, i am just at 6 ft without shoes on and it has a 72" ceiling. I am looking for enough space to put a good bed, a large workstation/desk next to a very large window to use as a vendor window (which needs to be added), a kitchen area near the spare seat/cabinets wall. I dont know if a full bed that would work for someone 6 ft would be able to be put somewhere and still have enough space,

Mostly I am trying to find out if anyone knows details about this box that is visible on this ambulance if they know what type, model, size, manufacture, quality, layout, comparison to other boxes, if this is a larger model of box, etc.

Any information at all is useful, also looking to know what that section above the cab is for, how hard it would be to get a hitch added on for a trailer, any additions like front sleeper section over cab, 4 wheel drive, tires spaced out/ lift added, raptor liner coating added, the large window added to the passenger side wall, etc.

also especially does anyone know about the best way to get insurance and title and all the ownership of an ambulance online or the best way to get the ownership transferred and insurance applied while i have flown to where it is located so that I can have it ready to pick up when i get to it with all ownership setup? And does anyone know the best way to get insurance on a vehicle like this? the owner says that it has statefarm insurance on it as a regular commercial vehicle for about $800 a year because it doesnt qualify for RV yet because it doesnt have water systems, etc.

And does anyone know the best way to get a good sized water tank and shower and toilet setup also or an outdoor shower if needed, would the water tank be able to be placed underneath the vehicle or would it go somewhere else and where could a toilet of some kind or shower be placed? does anyone recommend outdoor showers or certain toilets that would fit or water tanks or anything like that?

Here is the picture of the ambulance and box:


It’s a good looker, but I question it’s practicality…

You mentioned a vendor window, are you planning to vend something? If so, what?

I tend to look at many things when considering a rig. Practicality & overall cost are near the top of the list. Cost equals purchase price plus all the time & money spent to make it a finished, road worthy project.

By your description, I’m thinking a cheap older Class C motorhome, or an overhead cab former U-Haul might be a better choice. Either could give you a big bed over the cab. Old motorhomes can be found cheap, and the whole drivetrains replaced cheaply if needed. All for MUCH less than just this ambulance is likely to cost.

Sunk cost vs. resale value is kind of important to me. Vehicles depreciate, and I don’t want to lose a ton of money. I could do that in an apartment. I want to travel, while keeping the costs lower than apartment living, but without compromising on the comfort, convenience, or amenities. It can be done.

A friend just lost his home to a flood. We found a free 1976 Class C motorhome on Craigslist. $800 and a little elbow grease later, he has a beautiful, roadworthy, livable home on wheels worth probably $5k+. All for less than just the move in costs for most apartments, and no monthly payments. He’s got it parked in a park with full hookups included for $590/mo. That’s budget friendly…

It’s totally possible to live cheap and travel, while supporting ourselves, and still have plenty of time to pursue our other interests.


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