Lookin for a Crockpot

We will be going on a 5 day trip. I would like to cook a majority of our meals. I think cooking them while we are driving would be the best use of time. Having it ready by the time we get to our destinations.
I have a 200 watt portable power station. It works great with my Alpicool C9. That Alpicool hardly uses any power!
Can you all recommend a low power consumption crockpot?

Hope you find what you are looking for. What is a Alpicool C9?

Works great!!!

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Oh “cool” ! Pun intended… Lol
Thanks for that!

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I think that might be hard to do as crock pots draw about 250 watts of power which is way less than a regular oven but still a lot to me and I have 720 watts of solar, a 2000 watt Bluetti and a 2,000 watt generator. Check whichever pot you want to use with a Kill a watt type meter to see what it draws, maybe you have a really efficient one or can find one? In the old days, my Father told me they used to cook meals right on the engine while they were traveling. Car talk (radio show) even did a show on engine block cooking, wrapping food in aluminum foil and placing it where it would get hot enough to cook over a few hours. I am not suggesting that you do this as today’s engines have covers all over them and I wouldn’t want you to start a fire or anything, I just found that interesting. Good luck and safe travels.

When we would dive in the Keys we would wrap hot dogs in tin foil and put them on the intake manifold of the boats engine so we could have a hot meal after our dive. Worked great!

Do you have an inverter?

The only inverter i have is a 100 watt inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter plug. I am looking into getting a better one.

That’s probably a good idea!

I would hazard a guess on your behalf that to be guaranteed safe, and with plenty of redundancy so that you don’t overload the inverter, you might want to consider purchasing a hard-wired 1000 watt inverter to run from your leisure batteries…assuming you have some installed.

I bought, over here in the UK, a 240V 160 watt 1.8 litre slow cooker, which has turned out to be my most used method of cooking! :smiley:

I won’t say its my favourite method because hands down, and although it takes way more time to set up and use, I love cooking in my Dutch oven over a fire!

I bought my slow cooker from Asda which is the UK version of Walmart (Asda is owned by Walmart)…it cost me £10! :smiley:

I regularly do a four plus hour drive to or from work and I have the pleasure of smelling my dinner about two hours into my journey…plus, when charging my batteries while driving and cooking at the same time, it means I haven’t eaten into valuable charge capacity for when I am stopped.

I hope this helps!

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