Living with pets


I’m wanting to do this but I can’t just plan for me. I have to plan for Glenn-Coco my 2 year old chocolate brown cat. She does well in vehicles but I just am looking for advice to keep her healthy and happiest. I’m thinking of getting at large tent to put her in when we can to allow her to do her thing and not be alone in the camper. Any ideas are appreciated thank you.



Hey @ScottandAsh! What kind of van do you have? Do you have the ability to build a permanent ‘safe space’ for Glenn-Coco? The cat-friendly travelers I know who seem to do best have some designated spaces for their cat(s) inside their van that are tucked away, like underneath a bench seat of something like that. I saw this build from @freedomvans that was cat-friendly and super creative:

I’ve also seen some pretty cool “catios” that are tent-like structures for cats, probably similar to what you’re thinking about. I hope your kitty adjusts smoothly!


Don’t have a rig yet. Still in the planning but um thinking of making a high hide for her and tucking a cat house somewhere out of the way. Even living in a apartment I’ve alwAys had a safe space for my cats.