Living a vantasy

A life I always dreamed of but never thought was attainable. I guess life has a way of surprising us when we don’t expect it. My boyfriend and I woke up one morning and decided this is the life for us. We are currently finishing up our van so we can officially head out on the road this July. My Dachshund died a few months ago, and he was suppose to travel with us. So I will spread his ashes around the world and continue to miss him each and every day.


Sorry about your dachshund… they are a very special breed. Maybe during your travels, another one will find you and need your love.:two_hearts: Good luck on your upcoming, awesome adventure:-)


Owe, sorry about your dachshund … Hope you will find another loving pet during your trips :slight_smile:
I just wanted to say keep posting! There are people like me who are going to live a Van life soon and we need your experiences! :slight_smile:
Happy leaving on the road!


Thank you so much❤️ Do you have Instagram?

Congrats!!! How exciting! I am researching my van build right now. My IG is @midori_eyes. Let’s keep in touch!

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@midori_eyes & @nkhdiscovery

good luck with your builds both of you!
You can also keep in touch right here on our Forum, via private messages. That way if you both are unsure of something you can quickly hop on the public forum and ask the rest of the community.

My condolences, wishing you guys the best of luck on your journeys!!

We just finished up our build! So exciting!

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