Little intro to me and my van ❤️


My name is Meg and I’m a vanlifer.
I’d never given living in a van any thought till I met my boyfriend. It had been his dream for a while then, to do up his own home (van) and travel. He’s terrified of flying so this was how he was going to see the world :clap:t2:. I was blown away and started looking into it and became more and more in love with the idea. Months later we’d saved up enough ££££ to get our trusty vw crafter and got to work doing her up. What can I say? Everything took longer than expected! From insulating to building the furniture to go inside.
About 4 months later we we said to ourselves that it was time to get on the road and if we’d forgotten things we’d just have to sort it out on the road or deal with it.
I’ve been putting posts up on my insta about it if anyone wants to see a little more about our adventures so far @megan_really


I Love the build and setup!

Did you guys consider adding any windows to it?



After living in a cargo van, that’s an experience I hope to never repeat.

Windows mean sooooo much for having a comfortable home.



Thanks! It was briefly considered, however the less money we spent on the conversion the more we had to go away with. It was always the plan to follow the sun and therefore spend as much time outdoors as possible. We’ve found that we haven’t minded not having windows, nice to have a bit of privacy and we didn’t want to make it obvious it was a camper. Although we’ve found when we are parked up we do have the side door open (especially when cooking). I do however think it’s totally personal preference and I get if you are stuck somewhere rainy it would be nice to have a bit of natural light xx