Little green friends

Has anyone had any luck keeping any greenery in their van? So far we’ve only done ok with a couple small ferns and a zig zag leaf plant that I believe is a cactus.

I’m interested to hear of any species or types of plants others have had success with or would recommend. Tips and tricks are welcome as well,


I don’t have a green thumb, but I have two tiny potted fake “bouquets” from the dollar store that bring me a lot of joy. I have one on the back corner of my kitchen counter, and the other on my night stand, secured with “silly putty” type stuff.

Once upon a time, I was gifted an “air fern” that was beautiful and required nothing except occasional trimming. It did not require water, it got it’s own out of the air I guess. It was green & luscious, and looked tropical, but no flowers. It thrived for about 10 years with me, then my job took me to Phoenix one summer, and that killed it. Too hot & dry I guess…


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We aren’t a fan of the fake ones, guess we will just keep trying new ones out.

We are huge fans of the quake puddy. Definitely a pro tip that you don’t see too many people mention, but we use it to hold things to the counter and walls.

I have 3 little cacti up front that I’ve kept alive for 2 years : )

I would recommend just having bonsai since it’s mini and the aesthetic is great. What disappoints me is I tried having flower plants but all died. I agues they really need enough sunlight regularly so I switch back to leafy plants without the need for regular sunlight exposure.