Lithium Batteries from Amazon

My name is Dave, retired and winter in California. Rest if the year in Canada.
In need new batteries for my golf cart and notice that Amazon sells them MUCH cheaper than those available locally. My big question is "are they any good, has anyone bought them?

Greetings & Welcome!

My advice would be to steer clear of lithium. Every day on the forums, people are reporting problems with them. Seems they’re finicky, over priced, and sometimes burning peoples rigs down, or exploding and killing people. Unlike the older batteries, the technology has not been perfected yet, and may well never be, since there is a lot of R & D going into newer, better, & safer technologies.

Some people believe that newer is always better, others, like myself, believe that reliability is more important. Some new things take many years to perfect, and others are abandoned before that ever happens. The supposed advantages of lithium batteries are being disproved every day. For everyone promoting them, there are many more that are having nothing but problems with them.

Since the charge characteristics for lithium batteries are different than your golf cart was designed for, it is also likely that you would need a new charger as well, and maybe other electronics upgrades. Horror stories are plentiful when people try to “upgrade” existing systems to lithium batteries.

I wouldn’t even consider such an “upgrade” unless your golf cart was designed for lithium batteries to begin with. Tried & true is hard to beat.


"New & Improved usually means worse & more expensive." ~ Truth_Matters