Lightweight Portable Ground Mount for Solar Panels?

Hi all,

I am using two 400w portable panels from Ecoflow for my solar collection. (Although I will probably only use one at a time. . .) Unfortunately, the Ecoflow “mount” is just unsatisfactory (basically they use the carrying case they came in and it just doesn’t support them properly in my opinion.(The panels are 7’ long unfolded and the case is probably 3’ wide.) It really feels unwieldy/unstable when there are four large panels against the carrying case. Also, getting the angle right is very difficult with this carrying case “approach”.

The setup is super simple and I’ve already used the panels at my house…but I was able to prop them against a wall there. That won’t be a reliable option once I am on the road and dealing with camp conditions. I’d like to have an option for propping these guys at a reliable angle once in camp.

Any ideas anyone?


Kaden at Continuous Resources here. Suitcase style PV modules are totally awesome. I would recommend that you find a space on our rig that is flat, long enough to layout, and accessible.

Perhaps on the hood of your vehicle?

We have seen success, also, with “make-shift” props attached to the two corners. What you really want to watch out for is angle and sun exposure - of course you already knew that!

Best of luck!

Hi - thanks for responding!

I really don’t want them on the roof and there is no room for them there. They are four panels that fold up into one segment. When one is unfolded, it is almost 8 feet long and almost 4’ tall. (So- a very BIG suitcase!) I also have two very large escape hatch-like skylight/vents on the roof and there is no room for these up there. Another reason is they do not have an aluminum frame at all. Any attempt to simply use the grommets to hold it on the roof would have them taking flight rather quickly. So the typical aluminum rack mount won’t work.

I don’t have a “hood”, so to speak - I have a 2014 Mercedes Sprinter and the hood is way too small to hold these beasts.

So - I need a light-weight tripody-rack-thingy (very technical,hm?) so that I can prop them at a good angle outside of the truck. I was looking at a few racks on Amazon - but not sure if they’ll work…

Thanks again for your feedback…