LG Solar Panel dealer

Anyone know where I can get LG or Canadian solar panels. Onlline, they seem to only be set up to sell large installations. I only need two panels.

I am located in California./

Thanks for your help!


Greetings & Welcome!

Why just LG or Canadian?


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If you are ok with a different brand I have purchased several panes from a guy in Michigan City, IN. and they are really nice. I have consistently gotten 204 watts out of my 200 watt panels in mid-day sun in Michigan. He offers free shipping.

He sells large-quantity packages as well as individual panels.


There is a YouTube video of his facility and construction process if you are interested.

You can try eBay. Solar panels aren’t brand-specific. As long as your charge controller and panel specs are compatible they’ll work fine. Different brands should work well together.