Lets talk about dirty laundry!


A very common thing shared amongst us all… Nobody every talks about it. What ingenious ways does every one conceal/pack/store/hide their dirty laundry. What kind of bins/bags/totes/cabinets has every one dedicated to keeping those stinky clothes out of the living space?


Many people nowadays are used to change most of their clothes daily. I must admit that I am still one of them.

But this isn’t necessary. So, though it doesn’t quite answer your question, we try to change as little as possible. Of course without running in any smelly or - even worse - hygienic issues. This safes space, time and the environment. One should to be more aware about the environmental problems caused by cleaning agents anyway.


Yeah, I typically cycle through a few shirts and pants for days until I go to put one on and realize it’s dirty. Then we have a little zip tote that fits between the bed and door. And when not in use, it folds up really small into a small clutch like bag, and can go behind our seats or really anywhere


A few years ago we bought some sleeping bags online from REI and they were delivered in a nice bag that drawstrings itself shut. We now use these for our dirty laundry and either wash our clothes at a laundromat, campground with amenities, or in a collapsible bucket with some Dr. Bronners soap. We stash the bags all the way in the back of our closet area when we don’t need them (with or without dirty clothes in them). I’ll admit, we fall in the end of “dirty hippie”, doing laundry about once a month and only needing to wash no more than 4 outfits when we do. Hope this helps!


so as our van is quite small , we try to put all ours at the back of our draws behind where all our clean clothes are under the bed. That way by the time we go through all our clean clothes , we know its time for a landry day. :slightly_smiling_face:


From the sounds of it, we are not the only ones who rewear things 2-3 times and keep their dirty clothing a little close to the clean. Ours goes in a basket right under our few hanging items. Haha! Haven’t ran into any problems with smell yet.


This seems like a good system when using drawers, maybe the best system. Everything stays together, and will be quite easy to tell when it’s time to find laundry facilities. Thank you.

I am also glad so many people confess to wearing clothes until they are actually dirty before tossing them in the “hamper”


I just found this really cool machine and thought i’d share with you all :heart_eyes:


This is fantastic! we’ve been researching the crap out of combo washer dryers, but hand washing was seeming like a better option. I like this even better, and looks like it would fit in a van space too, if it was a priority. Penny pinching on the road is always a priority for me!


Definitely using clothes way longer than I normally would! :joy: (especially when I’m alone)

As laundry bag we have this:


Definitely re wear clothes until I can’t. It’s easy to tell when something is actually dirty because it looks or smells bad. We typically use a laundry mat about once a month. I hate spending the time more than the money. In a pinch, a just rinse out the poop bucket (we use bags), fill with clothes and soapy water and agitate with stick. I use my whoopin’ stick, but a clean toilet plunger is the standard. Change with clean water a couple times and line dry. There are also special plunger-type things you can buy for that purpose. This works fairly well, but not as well as a washer.

Something alot people don’t seem to know about is “cleaning” effects of sunshine. If you hang some dirty clothes on a line out in the sun, it will actually help a lot with stinkiness. I don’t know the science of it, but I swear it works. Only for oder though. It won’t decrust your socks or anything like that.

A far where I store dirty clothes: in a mesh sack under the bed. The smell has never bothered me




It’s not that the various laundry machines don’t work, they do, but many use quite a bit of water, and they all take up extra space. If I’m boondocking, I’ll wash my clothes in my shower while I’m wearing them, remove them and finish the wash on them, then on me.

In town, I prefer laundromats because it’s a great place to meet interesting people, and you can do a lot of laundry in a very short period of time. If I’m busy, I try to find one where they do the washing, it doesn’t seem to cost much more, and they’ll frequently do repairs for free too.



We rewear things more or less depending on where we are and what we are doing, we use a pillow case for dirty laundry (no buying extra stuff, and it takes up zero space when empty) When it’s full it’s time. But we typically do laundry once a week.