Let the build begin


After 2 years of research, planning and viewing so many inspiring van ideas I am finallyready to purchase my ProMaster in the next few days and begin my DIY van build


Sounds like fun!

Have you planned out the build/decided on your layout yet?


I have planned out for the most part but until I purchase and begin the build it’s not final. I have a list of must haves that is driving my decision. What I’m struggling with now is bulkhead or no bulkhead…


I would go with no bulk head, unless there’s a specific reason you plan on keeping it there?



The only important parts of a bulkhead or not, is access to the back without exiting the vehicle, and you want airflow between the front and the back.


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Yes! Good for you!!

Bulkhead question really comes down to usability. If you need to pull over on the side of the road (for a snack, a bathroom break, forgot something in the back) it’s great to not have to get out and go around.
Same (but more common) is if you ever plan to do any stealth camping. Being able to pull into a spot, kill the engine and simply slip into the back is key. If you have to get out, go around and enter through the slider you just ripped your hat to anyone around and will likely be moving or frantically looking around to see if anyone noticed.


Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it and gives me thinks to think about. I’m not concerned about stealth. I more curious about the task of removing as most of the vans I see have the bulkhead. One that I looked at today had a door in the bulkhead which I like the idea but now the issue is the amount of shelving



Is there a specific reason you’re not going with a passenger van? Passenger vans come with a pre-finished interior, and heavenly opening windows. They’re usually in far better shape, get better MPG, save you a fortune on the build process, and giive you a view.


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Not ruling them out as I’d prefer not to have to have windows installed but have not come across any that have the height or don’t have seats that have to be removed. MPG is not a huge concern for me. The promaster has the longest wheelbase. I’m not set on the promaster but so far it has the most :heavy_check_mark: s in my wants column.