Leisure Battery

Hi there! We have recently bought an already, somewhat, converted Ducato van. It has a functioning electrical system already installed that works when plugged in with your typical RV plug. We want to add a leisure battery to this already working system, that runs off a splitter and inverter and is charged by the alternator. With having zero knowledge of electrical, how difficult might this be? The idea would be to eventually add solar to the roof and connect that as well. As shown in attached photos, fuse box is already installed. Just not sure if it is done to code! :joy:

If, as you say, you have “zero knowledge of electrical,” then either learn the basics or bring it to a professional. It’s a good time to learn.

It shouldn’t be hard to install a house battery, but not knowing exactly what you have I can’t offer any advice. Maybe someone else can chime in.


Electrical and solar are among the biggest causes of fires. I would get it checked out by a professional, and have the upgrades done by one as well.


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