LED light flicker


I’m using 5 led puck lights as the primary lighting for my build. They are hardwired with a wall switch. They seemed to work fine when I first installed them but since then they have started flicking. A little bit at first but now it’s almost constant. Right now they are the only load on my battery so power shouldn’t be a problem and I’m using a renogy pure sine wave inverter. I’ve read about constant current drivers but I can’t find anything that suggests they would help for this issue. Has anyone had this problem?

Do you have the pucks running off of the inverter or from the battery? If from the battery and the inverter is running it could cause some voltage loss and cause flickering.

I have a dimmer and if I have my lights dimmed way low and my fridge kicks on I will notice them dim a bit, but no flickering.

There is definitely voltage loss happening somewhere. First thing is make sure battery is holding a consistent charge with a meter and nothing connected to it after an hour or two of rest. Next I would disconnect the inverter and see if they still flicker. If that is not the case, eliminate the switch itself. Still a flicker, then you probably have a short in your wiring somewhere as I doubt all 5 led’s went bad at the same time.

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It could be a case where the last one in line isn’t getting enough current, causing it to blink, which in turn causes the others to blink as well.

Make sure they’re all wired in parallel as well.


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Thanks for the suggestions. Just to update, and I don’t know why I hadn’t tried this earlier, but I unplugged from the inverter and into shore power to see what happened and they were fine. Had them on for hours over the past few days and not a single flicker, so the cause is either from the batteries or the inverter. I checked the voltage at both and they were both reading what they should with no movement in the needle that I could notice. Next question is what do you think would happen if I connect the lights directly to the batteries? They were made to be plugged in to normal ac house power, but I read that led lights only run on DC. Seems inefficient to convert the power to ac just to have the lights convert them back.


Is there a converter either as part of the plug, or a box in line before the lights? If there is, it should give you the specs on it.

If it does, and converts it to 12v, then you can cut it off and go straight to the battery. If it’s part of the controller itself, it’s over my head.

As a side note, that means your inverter is putting out dirty power, and should not be used for any electronics.


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Interesting information.