Leaving your van parked for days / weeks

Hello van dwellers.

Pretty new to van life, so sorry if this is an utterly stupid question. Would you park your van somewhere in the middle of nowhere and go for a day hike? Or maybe even for a week long trip on foot away from everything? Is this possible in the US… or how about South America, like Peru and Bolivia?

Every single vanlife video and story I’ve seen so far is about people in/at/with their van. Nobody seems to use it as sort a “base camp vehicle” to get to far away places / trail heads and then leave it for extended periods of time for more adventurous things than driving.

Is that totally unheard of because your van is guaranteed to be broken into or stolen when you return, no matter the country? Do you guys ever leave your van?

Thanks for any ideas, comments or pointers to stories for van life “outside” the van.


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Greetings & Welcome!

I’ve had far more trouble in the boondocks than in the city with my obvious camper van. When I had a cargo van camper, it was a target everywhere. In the USA trailheads, and other touristy locations are always hot spots for thieves. I avoid them unless I’m staying with my van.

In the city, I try to get to know my neighbors, so we can watch out for each other. If I’m going to be gone longer than the day, I try to find a neighbor that I can park it in their driveway, backyard, etc. while I’m gone.


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