Leave these in or take them out?

The van that I purchased was obviously used as a work van and they left these brackets and black wall covers. My question is whether I should keep everything as is or take them out? I know I’ll need space for insulation and there’s only about 2 inches at most in between the wooden planks and the wall covers. I have not seen any videos of vans that have this already installed.

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I think I would leave it all in. The long horizontal planks would be great for mounting upper and lower cabinets, paneling, basically a strong mount for anything on the wall without having to locate a vertical. The black paneling will give you sound dampening ,extra depth and room for insulation like you mentioned and AC outlets.
Drawback, added weight.
I would also measure the location and center of the planks and write it down so you know exactly where they are for mounting stuff once your interior walk is up.



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  2. Never strip anything that isn’t absolutely necessary and beyond repair.


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Leave them there!

use these as a datum for fitting everything else and half the battle has been won!

All the best!

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