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I’m gathering ideas, planning to convert suv or a van prior to retirement.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Vans make much better campers than SUV’s. For many, cheap older Class C’s are an even better choice. Class B’s are generally more expensive, but they’re ready to go, and will save you a bunch over actually building one.

Beware of the promoters, they are not your friends. they make their money from promoting bad decisions, and expensive choices. Never invest more into a vehicle than you’re willing to lose. Vehicle dwellers are only one mishap away from being homeless. Be sure to have an emergency fund big enough to buy your way back into whatever lifestyle you choose.


"Those who believe money can't buy hapiness, don't have either." ~ An Anonymous Vandweller

Good for you!!

Vehicle choice is probably most up to where you want to go.

  • Plan on driving up the side of mountains or have a desire to get deeper/further than anyone else into the woods because you are looking for solitude and peace? 4x4 suddenly becomes important.
  • Don’t picture yourself leaving the highway very often and/or plan on spending most of your time in campgrounds and/or parking lots? Find an old RV and move in.
  • Plan on being in cities often and need the ability to simply pull off the road and sleep or “stealth camp” for a while? A van is probably the best bet.
  • SUV (or any other car) is doable, but requires a lot of moving things around before each and every nights sleep (or a rooftop tent). Usually these are for more weekend warren situations or a specific trip rather than for long term living (but totally up to you, there are definitely those out there making this work long term too).

If retirement isn’t coming too fast around the corner, use the time you’ve got left to experiment and test all of the above. Rent or borrow a few different vehicles to see what seems the best for for you… just prevents you form spending a year or two in something that was never a fit to begin with and then starting over! :wink: