Kia ora koutou na Aotearoa - Hi everyone from New Zealand


Introduce Yourself… Have spent many memorable years traveling the world and adventuring in and on vans, cars, bikes, trains, ships and of course foot. Lived a year in a panel van back in the early 1980’s exploring Australia owning nothing more than I could carry. I have since then spent at least a month or more traveling somewhere in the world each year. Now that I have just rolled into my 60th year, and being fully retired (dropping out again!!) for the last 2 years, I have since been been getting my ducks in a row to do it all again :slight_smile:

As far as living life on the road is concerned, a lot depends on the “stage” of life you are at really. I lived on the road for 4 years in my early twenty’s (back in the 80’s), back packing from NZ thru to Australia, Asia, China, Tibet, North America, Europe and more, then returned to “real” life, raised a family, got a career, bought a house, got divorced, quit my job, started a business, sold my business, started a blog and started planning a new assault on the world.

I am now in the process of selling my house so as to hit the road again and enjoy the complete freedom enjoyed when living in my original van all those years ago. However, this time with a bit of money garnered from living off the interest and not having taxes etc to pay. I already alternate between Australia and NZ (between my house and a caravan) and am off on a 4-6 mth road trip to the UK shortly.

So how do I do it? Remember this has been a plan in action for 30yrs - not over night! To do this I keep bills to the minimum, with a strict budget, have always had a “side job” (like my present venture of selling of stuff online), have basically given up drinking, dont smoke and am mindful of what I eat. I was not always like this lol, (I did raise 3 kids) and did go through a materialistic phase but have now taken on a few hints from the minimalists - don’t collect “stuff” if you want to be a traveller!

Pursuing your dreams is living a few years of your life like most people wont, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people cant. Ahh not my words but something written on my wall.

Happy vanlife to all


Absolutely love your story! Do you mind sharing this on over there it would be seen by more people.

Since you’ve been a vanlifer for so long im sure your expierences and advice could be great use to the community. Glad to have you with us :blush::heart:


Love your story! :heart_eyes:


Hi Henry … have done as you suggested but a quick question. I had to load 4 photos before I was able to upload my story. Is this always a requirement? I hadn’t really planned the ones I did put up this time but will look for more appropriate ones when I post again :wink:


Yes unfortunately,

This is only because most readers get scared away when they see a bunch of text and not as many pics.
You can although, email us and send in new pics to


Fellow kiwi, like your story as it is so simmar to mine.
But I’m going to rent out the house for vanlife income, at the moment I have my 14yr daughter with me and she loves vanlife, so much that she is now thinking of ways to make income on the road.
Enjoy exploring this beautiful planet


Wow! You are an amazing individual! Your going to be getting a lot of questions so I hope you don’t mind it. The community is always open to great ideas and advice from experienced travelers. Can’t wait to hear more about your travels. Thanks for joining us.


Many thanks for that :slight_smile: I have decided to see how the Ireland and the UK trip pans out before selling up. Im not only romantic Im practical lol.

Im also one of those lucky few who is eligible for Irish citizenship (with the living in Europe advantage), am a NZ resident, can live in the UK and can also live in Australia. One of the options I am looking at is the possibility of having a van in each place if I sell/rent the house :slight_smile: :bus:


Maybe an air bnb setup with the house and vehicles your not using. Great income potential and you can have one vehicle in each Crown Country. That would be making money and promoting your business.


Also from/in New Zealand! Kia Ora :::slight_smile: I Would love your advice on a post i’ve just done. Minivan with conversion elements (i.e Toyota Hiace/Mazda Bongo/Nissan Caravan with self containment) vs Ford, 3L Diesal, 2003, 150,000km, DHL Cargo Van. Both 8K NZD. Im a tall gal with a flair for creativity but no mechanic ability :stuck_out_tongue: I do love a challenge! But not sure about the right choice…


I was a landlord for 20 years and well over it lol. Thanks for the suggestions though. Am actually tiki touring Ireland and the UK at present staying in ABnBs, and traveling by train generally. Have been on the road 2 months now and, as Im also very frugal :wink: , average day cost is $NZ41 accom per day and all other costs around $NZ50 a day. Just loving life!! Happy travels :slight_smile: