Keeping Rodents Away From Wires & Other

Was reading at the homesteading and permaculture website Permies in the Rodents and Wires discussion. There are some very good tips on keeping rodents out and away in general too!

One solution I’ve run across before, but I’m not sure how safe it is, is this one that someone posted, We suffered from mouse and rat damage to our cars for several years before stumbling on a solution that has been 100% successful for us – leaving our car hoods open whenever we park. It works like a charm as it deprives them of shelter and leaves them feeling exposed.

I think I like using Christmas-type, white mini lights underneath, a suggestion from several other nomads.

I like many of the suggestions, shared at this discussion, about using double-sided tape and capsaicin or cayenne powder on wires.


I like the one where a few LED lights illuminate the whole engine bay. That should be a very minimal electrical draw. Opening your hood only works during daylight hours, and I think many of the culprit rodents are often nocturnal. Maybe it works for nighttime too, but I wouldn’t want to count on it.

I’m not much of a desert dweller, so I’ve been lucky so far.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible." ~ Einstein

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