Keep Vehicle Doors From Freezing

FYI: Was watching Morts on YT, who lives in his car in the country of Georgia. In Jan, he car-camped in -10 degrees snow weather. He opened his car door to spit out toothpaste and didn’t close it properly. Ice formed between the door and jamb and he poured heated water on them. One of his subs commented:

…to prevent ice spray or rub in with a cloth your car rubber door seals with some WD40 it will stop them sticking in the cold weather.

I would caution against WD40 as it is a petroleum based penetrating oil and it may cause door seals that are foam and rubber to swell and fall apart with constant application. It would be best to use something like Sylglide or other silicone based lubricant designed for rubber o-rings.

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I did wonder if a problem like that could happen. I had a silicone spray in a can that I used at home. It was cheaper than WD40 and it did the trick all around the house and yard. Thanks for sharing!


On a 2003 Chevy Express I had (nightmare) the rubber seals on the doors would stick the doors shut, and the windows had similar problems. WD40 would last a couple of weeks, but silicone spray lasted for months.

Can’t say about freezing…


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